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Mo’ Better Business is so excited to have you on board. We can’t wait to reveal some of the projects we have for 2021.

We are a rising voice in black business.

At MOBB, we cover news around Black millennial millionaires popping up on Twitter and Instagram, the Black VC funds forming behind the scenes, and the startups from our community that crack into the mainstream news.

Unlike news media, we not only want to cover these issues but create connections between members, facilitate partnerships, and provide info on leveling up.

We deliver the stories of triumphant black entrepreneurship.

We have respect for mainstream black media organizations that came before us and have no interest in shunning them. But we see the opportunity of new media and are


Our model is not based on advertisers or clickable headlines but deep, honest, sometimes uncomfortable conversations, and actionable advice designed for you.

We are a
global community starting as a newsletter and video series.

This starts with our belief in valuing craft. Quality content is not some disposable free meme. (We see you Tik-Tok). This means we expect our members to understand the value of paying for connection, community, and real business knowledge.

The type of knowledge that only comes from actual experience around starting a business, failing, growing, and huge exits while being Black. MOBB will be dropping gems on all this.

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Tauhir Jones is an agency owner and creative that has worked for decades in the tech industry. Throughout his career, he’s worked on blending the creative with the technical to make amazing products. His company, Suit and Artist, has provided countless conversations with Black creatives on how they’ve been able to bring their creative pursuits into their professional careers.

As a Silicon Valley native, he’s been able to see the rise of Black tech up close and provides a much-needed long-term view on Black entrepreneurship.

The Founders



Garreth Dottin is an eCommerce consultant and writer. He’s lived in San Francisco and New York and witnessed the growth of the Black tech movement up close.

Garreth has worked with numerous Black startups on taking their idea from conception to production as well as scaling eCommerce brands to seven and eight figures. With his wealth of experience in entrepreneurship, he looks to foster a community of Black entrepreneurs and sharing the codes for advancing the community.

We set out with a very specific community in mind. For so long, we’ve created the culture and now it’s time we capitalize on it.

Joining this community might be your best decision of 2021.


Garreth and Tauhir