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We help investors who are committed to supporting black entrepreneurs.

If you recognize the potential upside of supporting Black business both financially and culturally, then our curated monthly reports are perfect for you.
Our Founders –

We find Black founders that you can confidently present to your partners.

Pitch Ready

Founders who make our list are ready to pitch their concept at a moment's notice


We’ve got an eye for honest entrepreneurs with good intentions.

Unique Domain Insights

We know you’re looking for founders who have a great understanding of their market. So are we.

Clear Financial Models

A founder needs to understand their own financial models, even if someone else created them.

Align With VC Values

We find startups that are aligned with your firm’s values and investment thesis.

Understanding of the Market

A great founder can altitude switch: they’re able to speak about their idea on many different levels.

Honest Assessments

We weed out founders who like to embellish how well things are going.

Ability to Raise Funding

We recognize when a great founder with a great idea has the ability to raise future rounds of funding.

Black Founders Funding Bootcamp –

We created a course to help entrepreneurs raise venture capital.

We prepare Black Founders to secure lead investors and create syndication opportunities for funds seeking to mitigate the risk of seed and pre-seed investments.

Through the process, we prepare qualified entrepreneurs to join our curated list of investable founders.
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