May 20, 2021

A New Year & Black Business Attracts High Profile Names

Apple invests in a Black-owned Venture fund, and private jet broker unveils his secrets for getting wealthy clients.

The Apple of Black VCs

It’s all wins to start the new year for Black businesses and Harlem Capital scores the biggest one with Apple investing $10 million in Harlem Capital’s venture capital fund.  The fund was born from two Harvard MBA graduates’ desire to see Black businesses backed by Black capital. Since its inception, Harlem Capital has been at the forefront of the new Black-business wave.

Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook said of the deal “The unfinished work of racial justice and equality call us all to account”. While for many corporations these kinds of statements ring hollow, Apple put money behind its press releases and has historically had better diversity stats than Microsoft or the god-awful diversity numbers of Google.  

Private Jets and Black Businesses 

As hip hop becomes much more than music, Kelvin Mensah is the latest entrepreneur to cash in on hip hop’s obsession with a life of luxury. Mensah is one of the few Black entrepreneurs at the top of the private jet industry and during his ascent, he’s built a clientele list that includes everyone from French Montana to Brazilian soccer superstar, Neymar Jr. 

In his Business Insider profile, Mensah speaks to the subtle differences that decide whether you get a nickname like PJKev, 'Private Jet,', or stay on the fringes of your industry. There’s an art to getting and more importantly keeping wealthy clients, and Mensah is well versed. 

Another reason we stan him: While many in the rap world would take their profits and spend wildly, Mensah has kept reinvesting his revenue into classy marketing and customer service. If you want a lifestyle like PJKev, it’s best to start reading about folks like him instead of emulating the lifestyle of the clients he represents.  

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