May 20, 2021

HBCU Leadership Fails Black Tech Scene

Google fails young Black engineers, but is HBCU's leadership to blame?

Google's CEO held emergency talks this week with the leaders of historically Black colleges after a recent scandal regarding young Black engineers from HBCUs being excluded during the hiring process. 

In 2020 April Curley, one of Google’s head diversity recruiters, released a series of explosive tweets claiming racist behavior from her bosses and Google’s hiring managers.

We’ve come to expect Big Tech to suffer from racism and unconscious bias. But it was the response from the Black college executives that really shook me. It was like a tween meeting a pop star. 

Harry Williams, Thurgood Marshall College Fund president, said he felt no need to bring up April Curley or Timnit Gebru, another famous Black Google employee recently fired, as the answers from Google’s Sundar Pichai were sufficient. "That's a personnel matter," he commented.

The kowtowing, the groveling... I can only assume there's financing that’s being funneled to him and the schools. This is a must-read, folks, on how things fall apart.

Six months after the protests support waning

It’s all cloudy news today folks, strap in! The Black Lives Matter movement has undoubtedly led to an unprecedented amount of interest in Black businesses. 

People across the country have flocked to Black cafes and digital storefronts on Instagram to show their support for the cause. But the question lingers in any informed person's mind: How long will this last? 

Is this another fleeting moment before returning to the old norm? Meredith Pell talks on the ground with business owners about their thoughts and fears.

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